Raw Materials - Bambast

Below is the inside panel text of the consumer hangtag for our spun bamboo bark products. Click here to see the artwork (500k).

Picture a plant...
growing where corn or rice cannot,
weaving protective roots across fragile hillsides,
providing shade and shelter for insects and animals,
and returning after each harvest
without sowing, tilling, or weeding.
Picture a hundred generations to come
wearing this plant for work and play.
Greening the globe, one fiber at a time.
Until now, no one knew this mysterious
and romantic plant concealed a secret
which would change fashion forever.
Others have synthesized bamboo
into an artificial silk, but Bambast technology
extracts spinnable fibers hidden
within the natural bamboo bark.
Wear apparel made from
Bambast Spun Bamboo Bark
and you will experience
the luster of Pima cotton,
the texture of Irish linen,
the strength of Cannabis hemp,
the natural fiber comfort of them all,
and a green impact like no other.